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Making photos and filming to publish isn't my main goal for visiting gorillas. My main goal is observing them and enjoying what they do. Every now and then (a few times a week) I do upload things to my Gorillafan Facebook page. This is a public page, in English. You can go there by clicking the Facebook logo below.

I filmed a lot in the past; especially the unique gorilla twins and their family in Burgers' Zoo. You can see those (and other) videos on YouTube. You can go there by clicking the YouTube logo below.

I haven't been filming a lot recently and when I did, i didn't upload it yet. The next few weeks I will upload 'new' videos.

A few things about my videos:
I have a simple digital video camera.

I'm not good in filming without a tripod and sometimes even have trouble when moving the camera on my tripod. So my videos are not 100% perfect sometimes, although I do my best ;-) I am and always will be a amateur and not a pro. I can delete the bad parts with a video editor.

Check this video, it's with sound! Then you'll understand why there's no sound, don't you? The length of the video is approximately 1 minute.

Still curious about my explanation after seeing and -most importantly hearing- that video? Click here.


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